Gold related stocks as yield stocks and hedge.

Gold has historically been regarded as a hedge against inflation, but not in this inflation regime and interest cycle. The FED funds rate is predicted to reach a top in 2023 and the 75 basispoint may be over for this time. That mean that the market is already discounting a rate decrease next year. Much depends on the future inflation readings in the USA.

The American economy may enter a recession. Some think it will be a soft landing, while other bet on a hard landing. Uk is already in a recessio and with an inflation rate of 11.1 % it implies that the country is in a stagflation. Gold may still be a good hedge against a recession and there are some goldminers (goldrelated stocks) will stabilize your portfolio in this volatile and falling market.

There are also some gold miners that pays a fairly good dividend. You earn money on dividend stocks in a flat or declining market. The stock price is not important before you prefer to sell.

You should be able to screen gold miners or gold related stocks for dividend yield and / or concensus price target if you have chosen the correct broker.

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